Invitation for bids: Engineering Supervision Project of Santaishan Ruins Memorial Park in Subei district

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Project No. : JSJX[2020]90Suqian Santaishan Tourism Development Co., Ltd. has approved the construction of the Supervision project of Santaishan Ruins Memorial Park in Subei Da Da. The construction fund is self-raised and has been implemented. The pro…

Project No. : JSJX[2020]90

Suqian Santaishan Tourism Development Co., Ltd. has approved the construction of the Supervision project of Santaishan Ruins Memorial Park in Subei Da Da. The construction fund is self-raised and has been implemented. The project has met the conditions for tender. Now the project is open for tender and the winning bidder is selected.

1. Project overview and bidding scope

1.1 Project location: Located in Santaishan National Forest Park, Hubin New District, Suqian city.

1.2 Project scale: The project covers an area of about 30 mu, of which the memorial hall covers about 600 square meters

1.3 Supervision service period: construction service period and defect liability service period, of which defect liability service period is 24 months.

1.4 Quality requirements: qualified.

1.5 Time and way of payment of supervision service fee: 80% of the supervision fee shall be paid after each project passes the acceptance inspection; Pay off the rest of the hospitality project after the expiration of the warranty period.

1.6 the tendering project is divided into a block, block division and the tender content is as follows: three taishan ruins SuBei war memorial engineering supervision of project construction, installation, decoration, indoor and outdoor decoration, landscape outdoor subsidiary supporting projects and facilities for all engineering construction preparation, construction and equipment procurement supervision service in different stages of the defects liability period and warranty period and related coordination work

1.7 The maximum bidding price of this project shall be 1.2% of the settlement price of the project.

2. Qualification examination method

The bidding for this project adopts the post-qualification examination, and the qualification examination method is: the qualification system.

3. Bid evaluation method

This project adopts bid evaluation method: comprehensive evaluation method;

4. The main qualifications of the bidder shall be met

4.1 Applicant's qualification type and grade requirements: Comprehensive qualification of project supervision or Grade B of building construction project supervision.

4.2 Qualification requirements for the chief supervision Engineer to be selected: national registered supervision engineer for housing construction projects.

4.3 Other Conditions:

4.3.1 The bidder is not within the punishment period of being disqualified from bidding by the construction administrative department.

4.3.2 The bidder has no subordination relationship or other interest relationship with the tenderee and the tendering agency undertaking the project.

4.3.3 Joint bid is not accepted for this project.

4.3.4 The bidder shall not be under any of the following circumstances:

A. It is a subsidiary institution (unit) of the tenderee without independent legal person status;

B. Providing the agent for the project, the project manager, and the tendering agency services for the project;

C. Both the agent and the procuratorial agency of the project under tender are the legal representatives, or they hold or participate in the shares of each other;

D. There is an interest relationship with the tenderer that may affect the fairness of the tender;

E. The person in charge of the unit is the same person or different units with shareholding and management relations;

F. Being in a state of being ordered to suspend business, property being taken over, frozen or bankrupt, and being disqualified for bidding or being suspended within the suspension period;

G. The bidder has committed a bribery crime within the last 3 years and has been recorded, or the legal representative has a bribery crime record and it has not been more than 5 years since the date of the record;

H. Other circumstances in which the bidder shall not participate in the bidding as stipulated by relevant laws and regulations.

4.3.5 The chief supervision engineer must meet the following conditions: The chief supervision engineer shall not be employed or practiced in two or more units at the same time:

A. Simultaneously sign labor contracts with two or more units or pay social insurance;

B. Register my (employment) qualification certificate in two or more units. total supervision engineer in the province, the construction unit written consent (must provide written consent form, the construction unit format see other material required for bidding), in the same city divided into districts up working on three projects under construction at the same time, not in other districts and municipal projects as any supervision posts (shall provide pledge to project director at the prison conditions, format see other material required for bidding). The chief supervision engineer has no criminal record of bribery; Or has a criminal record of bribery, but it has been more than 5 years since the date of record.

4.3.6 Other conditions conforming to relevant laws and regulations.

5. Acquisition of bidding documents and other materials

Tenderers are requested to purchase tender documents and tender documents from Jiangsu Jiaxing Project Management Co., LTD. (no. 299 Century Avenue, Suqian Economic and Technological Development Zone) from 8:30 to 18:00 On September 16, 2020 at a price of RMB 200 per set and non-refundable after sale.

6. Submission of tender documents

6.1 Deadline for receiving tender documents and bid opening time: 09:30 on October 06, 2020;

Place of receiving and opening bid: West Entrance of Santaishan, Suqian, former Headquarters of Santaishan construction;

6.2 The bidder shall submit the bid documents on the site before bid opening. The bid documents shall be sealed in good condition. There are 5 bidding documents in total, including 1 original and 4 copies. Requirements of Tender: use the format provided in the tender documents, fill in according to the requirements, bind according to the catalogue (binding with glue) and stamp the company seal, and seal well.

7. The bidder is not accepted to participate in the bidding

7.1 The bidder has violated laws and regulations and is disqualified from bidding according to law and the time limit has not been reached;

7.2 The administrative department of bidding and tendering has published the restrictions and the limit period has not been reached due to the illegal and illegal behaviors in the tendering and bidding activities;

7.3 Other circumstances in which bidding is prohibited in accordance with relevant laws and regulations.

8. contact

Name of tenderee: Suqian Santaishan Tourism Development Co., LTD

Address: West entrance of Suqian Santaishan, former Santaishan construction headquarters

Contact person: Wang Gong

Telephone: 0527-80986369

Tendering agency: Jiangsu Jiaxing Project Management Co., LTD

Address: No. 299 Century Avenue, Suqian Economic Development Zone

Contact person: Li Xianguo

Contact number: 15312705353

September 15, 2020

Tel:0527-84397888  Address:Intersection of Santaisan Avenue and Fengyang Road, Hubin New District, Suqian City (east of the road)

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